Fiberglass Exterior Trim

2″ Colonial – Classic colonial brickmould profile.

By installing fiberglass exterior trim on your fiberglass windows and doors, you ensure perfect color matches between all components while eliminating any variances in expansion and contraction.  All profiles are fastened together with glass filled nylon corner keys and stainless steel #8 panhead screws which hold the miters tight and true.

Jamb Extensions

Jamb extensions are available for standard 4 5/8″ and 6 5/8″ jamb depths. Custom jamb extension widths are also available for irregular wall depths that are often seen on SIP or ICF homes. Jamb extensions are available in primed pine or any stain grade wood species.


Vinyl Nailing Fin

Our rigid vinyl nailing fin simplifies installation for new construction installs.  The fin has a one inch set back.

Sash Restrictor

We offer a releasable limit device for windows that meets the ASTM F2090 safety requirements for self-resetting, egress capable, fall prevention devices. The ASTM F2090 addresses window fall prevention that helps protect against potential falls by children through open windows. This is done by allowing the window opening to be set at a predetermined position of fewer than four inches (4”) and automatically re-latch when fully closed. This Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) provides a means that the window, when opened in an initial operation, will limit the venting to less than 4”. By code, two actions are required to open the window fully for egress purposes. This additional operation can be performed without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge.


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