High Performance Fiberglass Windows

Casement, Awning, Fixed & Picture

when only the best of the best will do

Enerlux offers casement, awning, fixed casement and picture window models. Our high performance fiberglass windows feature:

Pultruded fiberglass frame and sash with corners that are siliconed sealed and chemically bonded together utilizing our proprietary two component adhesive. The chemically bonded corners create a stronger window with better quality miters.

Thick walled fiberglass pultrusions with a closed frame instead of an opened frame. The closed frame design creates a much stronger and more rigid window when compared to the industry norm of open framed fiberglass windows.

Foam filled frame and sash designed to increase the energy efficency of the window.

Triple weather-stripping using top quality Qlon foam seals provide an air and water tight perimeter that does not shrink or expand with temperature fluctuations.

Slim line design of our contemporary low profile picture window frame measures only 1.5″ tall, which provides more glass area for a bigger, brighter, and cleaner view.

Multiple color options using Sherwin Williams Polane S Plus commercial grade polyurethane enamel coatings.

Multi-point locking system keeps the casement and awning windows closed tightly against the elements with one simple operation.

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High Performance Fiberglass Windows - Img 03
High Performance Fiberglass Windows - Img 04

Folding handle allows for various interior window treatments with no interference from the attractive handle.

Customized glass packages using energy efficient, solar tuned Cardinal double pane and triple pane IGUs.

NFRC and Energy Star Tested to guarantee the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Custom Manufactured for your home so you can be assured of a perfect fit.

20-Year Warranty covers the entire window and labor. No hidden charges, plus it’s transferable. This means new windows for your home and peace of mind for you.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Stronger: It is 8x stronger than vinyl and 2x stronger than aluminum.

More Energy Efficient: 500x lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, so it doesn’t allow heat or cold from the outside into your home.

Longer Lasting: Almost zero thermal expansion rate (essentially the same rate as glass) means tighter seals against weather and longer lasting.

Lower Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free frames stay true to form due to strength of materials. No need for sanding, painting, or staining.

Environmentally friendly: Our material uses less embodied energy and resources to manufacture. Made from partially recycled materials.

More Durable: Won’t discolor, warp, rot, corrode, dent, or rust. Can withstand winds up to 203 mph, and does not absorb moisture.

Slimmer in profile: Because of the strength of the fiberglass, the frames are slimmer allowing more visible glass area in each window.

Unlimited in Design Possibilities: Offered in virtually unlimited colors and an interior wood veneer.

Insulated Glass Packages

LoE 180
LoE 2 270
LoE 3 366
LoE 3 340

For more information on our energy efficient insulated glass packages, click here.

Insulated Glass Packages

Neat Glass
Preserve Glass

For more information on our glass upgrades, click here.

Decorative & Tinted Glass Options

English Reed

English Reed





Satin Etch

Satin Etch

Glue Chip

Glue Chip

To view more decorative and tinted glass options, click here

Color Options
High Performance Fiberglass Windows - Color Options

For more information on our color options, click here

Hardware Options

To learn more about our hardware options, click here

Decorative Grilles
Queen Anne


To learn more about our decorative grille options, click here.


BetterVue Screen Mesh

BetterVue Screen

All Casement and Awning windows come standard with BetterVue Screens. BetterVue screens use a much finer mesh that allows 20% more visual clarity, 20% more airflow, 20% more visible light and protection against smaller insects.

Minimum and Maximum Dimensions
Casement Awning Fixed Casement Low Profile
Minimum 16″ W x 24″ H 20″ W x 16″ H 14″ W x 14″ H 14″ W x 14″ H
Maximum 36″ W x 84″ H 60″ W x 40″ H 96″ W x 96″ H 96″ W x 96″ H

For a printable PDF version of our Min-Max dimension, click here

AAMA Test Ratings
Window Type Test Size
(in. x in.)
(cfm/ft² )
Wind Load
Forced Entry
Casement 36″ x 68″ 0.01 60 60 60 Yes
Awning 60″ x 40″ 0.01 70 70 70 Yes
Fixed Casement 72″ x 72″ 0.01 70 70 70 Yes
Low Profile Picture 72″ x 72″ 0.01 60 60 60 Yes

These tests have been performed as per the following standards: AAMA/MWDA 101/I.S.2-97

For a printable PDF version of our AAMA structural test ratings, click here

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