Golden City Digs: Inside 5 Prague Apartments

The shining capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is known as the Golden City thanks to its many gold-tipped towers and spires. Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo architecture can be found throughout, and dwellings within the city center are steeped in history. Take a look inside five Prague apartments here, spanning in aesthetics from earthy and airy to petite and pastel.

No Architects

No Architects turned an overly monumental Prague apartment into a bright and practical space for family living. The apartment is equipped with distinctive custom-made furniture with colorful highlights that sophisticatedly integrate technical infrastructure.

Photography by Studio Flusser.

Markéta Bromová Architekti

Markéta Bromová Architekti radically transformed a multi-room apartment into an open space, using structural and technical elements of the original architecture. Boxes of various sizes and finishes are inserted into the space, separating different functions and hiding utilities. Dominating the space is a green scalloped box that separates the private from the social zones, while also visually and functionally completing the eye-catching kitchen island lined with patinated brass panels.

Photography by Veronika Raffajová.

Plus One Architects

Plus One Architects reconstructed an apartment located in one of Prague’s brutalist apartment buildings from the 1970s. The design of the living area puts an emphasis on openness and airiness, while the dark-themed bathrooms reflect the intimate nature of the space. The result is an airy and earthy space. The central piece of the design is an oak kitchen with countertops and backsplash made of concrete with dark stone accents.

Photography by Radek Úlehla.


NEUHÄUSL HUNAL transformed a cramped Prague apartment into a material-gentle, but spatially uncompromising space that significantly increased its living qualities. The original layout was unified, creating a generous light-filled living space defined by two elements – the pink kitchen and the wooden multifunctional podium that serves as a bed, storage, library, dressing room, and bench. The podium forms the compositional basis of the space and its compactness promotes an airy and informal atmosphere.

Photography by Radek Úlehla.


Formafatal designed an apartment whose concept is based on the comfort of five-star hotels and their style, in which the client who travels a lot feels good. An elegant English style, towards which the wife is inclined, is incorporated, along with the love for art, colors, and eclectic mood that they both share. The result: aesthetics, neatness, comfort, elegance, and classic traditional style.

Photography by BoysPlayNice.

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