Enerlux Fiberglass Windows

Enerlux Fiberglass windows are perfectly designed for residential and some commercial applications. Fiberglass window profiles are carefully engineered so that the fiber strands create one of the strongest window framing material on the market. Enerlux Fiberglass Windows strength results in lower-profile frames that maximize the glass surface and offers remarkable views.

The durability of Enerlux Fiberglass Windows means that the window will not bend, bow, rot or twist when exposed to extreme weather, whether hot or cold. Enerlux Fiberglass Windows are also resistant to corrosion, pitting and denting keeping windows looking beautiful for years to come.

The Advantages of Enerlux Fiberglass Windows

Enerlux Fiberglass windows insulate better than a standard glass window making Fiberglass windows energy efficient. Fiberglass windows have a low thermal conductivity with a ratio of 500 times less than aluminum. With an insulated frame and sash components around the fiberglass, window reduces the conductivity even further.

Enerlux Fiberglass Windows are low maintenance. Fiberglass windows do not need to be sanded, painted, or stained. The color and interior wood veneer choices are endless.

Enerlux Fiberglass Windows are energy efficient. Fiberglass is made up of sustainable natural resources like silica sand. The manufacturing process that goes into fiberglass uses the least amount of energy compared to other window framing materials like aluminum and PVC.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows

At Enerlux Windows and Doors, we produce the most energy efficient fiberglass windows for residential and commercial use. Replacement or new construction, Enerlux triple pane fiberglass window frames, and fiber strands ensure the highest energy efficiency in the glass, air tightness, maximum security, durability and ease of operation.

Enerlux energy efficient fiberglass windows have become the fastest growing and most energy efficient window frame solution in the United States. Our full range of fiberglass window designs and custom shapes are all manufactured with durable, maintenance-free material and craftsmanship. Our series of energy efficient fiberglass windows are available in different applications, standard finishes, and custom colors and are well suited to withstand Midwest harsh summers and harsh winter climates. The durability of fiberglass frames guarantees that your high-efficiency windows will not warp, or twist in time.

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    • "After extensive research, EnerLux was the only company I found that provided a passive solar window with a good U value at a fair price."

      Leslie Z. (Hastings, NE)


    • "I am extremely impressed by Enerlux's high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their integrity has shown through in all aspects of our work together. I will definitely be contacting them again when I replace the rest of my windows."

      Marcia B. (Omaha, NE)

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    • "The windows look great and they operate so much easier than my old ones."

      Jean E. (Clarinda, IA)

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    • "Just an update to tell you that the other day my wife said whatever I paid for the shower window, it was well worth it.  Thanks again."

      Bruce H. (Glen Ellen, CA)

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    • "If you ever need someone to represent EnerLux Windows & Doors on the East coast, just let me know.  You provide some of the best quality product I have ever seen."

      Mark C. (Erlanger, KY)

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    • "I appreciate the time everyone gave to show the process of building the best built window on the planet! I am making calls and telling my customers to hold up, I found something much better and it will be worth it."

      Travis B


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