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EnerLux fiberglass casement windows are some of the highest performing fiberglass windows available today. With the help of some of the top minds in the fiberglass fenestration industry and implementing the highest quality components on the market we ensure that our products will perform over the lifetime of your home.

Fiberglass Casement Windows

Benefits of EnerLux Fiberglass Casement Windows

  • Pultruded fiberglass frame and sash with corners that are silicone sealed and chemically bonded together utilizing our proprietary Super Strength Corner (S2C) System. Allowing for no air or water to enter through the window at the corners, a vulnerable place on windows.
  • Triple weather-striping and multi-point locking system allows our fiberglass casement windows to be closed tightly providing air-tight and water-tight perimeter.
  • More Space for Argon: 1” insulated glass unit for double pane and 1 3/8” IG unit for triple pane allowing more space between panes to be filled with Argon or Krypton gas.
  • Thicker Glass: Minimum 3.90MM glass thickness which gives the window more sound proofing characteristics and increased energy efficiency.
  • Casement Strength: Our fiberglass casement windows can be built 30% larger than other material casement windows due to fiberglass being 8 times stronger than vinyl and twice as strong as aluminum. This is also possible due to our Super Strength Corner System and worldwide leading Roto hardware.
  • Foam Filled Frames: Improve the energy efficiency and quietness of the window.
  • FlexScreen with BetterVue mesh: comes standard on all fiberglass casement windows to provide a seamless transition between the window and the screen with no visible frame.
  • 2.25” Profile: Our casement profile and fixed casement profile appear 100% symmetrical with a 2.25” profile and the fixed casement uses a wool pile weatherstrip on the exterior of the frame

Why choose fiberglass casement windows over single or double hung windows?

If you want a quick read, to sum it up, casement windows are much more energy efficient than single and double hung windows. But keep reading for a little more in-depth information. At EnerLux, our focus is to provide our customers with the highest performing and most energy efficient windows on the market. In order to do this, we have put many different things in place such as using fiberglass, the most energy efficient material for windows, using worldwide leading hardware, and using the best glass packages on the market. The materials of the windows are definitely the most important piece to this puzzle, however, there is one other thing we decided to do to make sure all our windows have optimal energy efficiency once being installed in your home. Manufacturing and selling the most energy efficient type of windows, casements and awnings.


The casement window is the superior window for energy efficiency regarding windows that open. With a multi-lock system and triple weather stripping, the window is pulled in and sealed tightly, virtually eliminating all water and air infiltration. When a casement window is open, it provides optimal ventilation. Unlike hung and slider windows, the entire window opens to allow a nice breeze in your home. Casement windows also allow for a better view ofthe outdoors, not having a bulky frame in the middle of the window like hung windows.


Single and double hung windows are not as tightly sealed which will cause more air and water infiltration into your home. This is due to the windows sliding vertically to lock instead of being pulled inward. Since the windows meet in the middle, one is set further inside so when the wind is blowing it will be easier to have a draft or water to get inside. The maintenance of hung windows is much higher than on casement windows due to the pulley mechanisms which can stiffen or rust over time.

Fiberglass Casement Windows Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass Casement Windows Superior Strength

Fiberglass Casement Windows Expansion & Contraction


Fiberglass Casement Windows 3D Navigator

View more detailed drawings of our Casement and Awning windows, click here.

Insulated Glass Packages
LoE 180
LoE 2 270
LoE 3 366
LoE 3 340

For more information on our energy efficient insulated glass packages, click here.

Glass Upgrades
Neat Glass
Preserve Glass

For more information on our glass upgrades, click here.

Decorative & Tinted Glass Options

English Reed

English Reed





Satin Etch

Satin Etch

Glue Chip

Glue Chip

To view more decorative and tinted glass options, click here

Color Options

For more information on our color options, click here
Hardware Options

To learn more about our hardware options, click here

Decorative Grilles
Queen Anne


To learn more about our decorative grille options, click here.


BetterVue Screen Mesh

BetterVue Screen

All Casement and Awning windows come standard with BetterVue Screens. BetterVue screens use a much finer mesh that allows 20% more visual clarity, 20% more airflow, 20% more visible light and protection against smaller insects.

Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

<td “>Max Height

FIBERGLASS WINDOWSMin. WidthMax WidthMin. Height
Fixed Casement14″120″14″120″
Low Profile Picture11″144″11″144″

* Oversized Awnings must be approved before purchase
** Only one dimension can exceed 84″

For a printable PDF version of our Min-Max dimension, click here.

AAMA Test Ratings

These tests have been performed as per the following standards: AAMA/MWDA 101/I.S.2-97

For a printable PDF version of our AAMA structural test ratings, click here


  • Excellent
    Based on 45 reviews
    Nate Lewis
    Nate Lewis
    These are the best windows ever! The installers, who install every major brand, spontaneously said the same thing multiple times. They put together a custom glass package to meet my local fire code regulations and to also just nearly completely wipe out noise problems at my home, that no other major manufacturer could or would come close to doing; the windows all work (!) seamlessly when installed square (unlike the other major brands that cost 2 or 3 times more with less quality); the air penetration is near-zero and the thermal properties are great; the frames and hardware are well built, and the Enerlux people were unbeleivably cooperative and supportive; Krystal is off-scale helpful and patient and responsive; she gets five stars just by herself! I did my whole house with Enerlux and would do it again in a heartbeat!
    We have had a great experience working with Enerlux. Our first order was $40k worth of triple pane windows for a $175k reno and they did not disappoint. We just did an initial walk through for a 600k reno and we all smiled when the homeowner mentioned triple pane windows. In our business having a source that you can rely on for hi end products made in the USA is invaluable. Enerlux you are on the RLRider team!
    Tao Gong
    Tao Gong
    We installed all EnerLux windows on our new build earlier this year. We worked closely with Mark, who was amazing to work with. He is patient, thoughtful and efficient - the service was beyond what we expected and imagined. He gave us suggestions that made our home even more energy efficient and even coordinated the delivery so the installation could be done prior to snowfall. Our builders also enjoyed working with Mark. The windows are also very high quality and installation went smoothly. We are really glad we picked Enerlux windows
    Sean Bottger
    Sean Bottger
    After 20 years of remodeling and construction in the Lincoln area, I have installed and worked with the majority of window brands. When deciding what window to use for a new house, my family moved into. I stumbled across Enerlux. Boy am I glad that I did. Everyone in the company was a pleasure to work with and these windows are by far the best windows I have ever installed. The difference in noise and air quality in our home is massive. I have already referred them to numerous other people and will continue to share my experience. They are a small company with quality set as their number one goal. I look forward to working with them in the future. Also, a big shout out to Zach Birkel who did an amazing job working with on the sale from start to finish!
    Matlock Jeffries
    Matlock Jeffries
    Great interactions with Enerlux, and so far appears to be a great product. Ordered triple pane windows for a near-passive-house new build. High quality frames and finishing, high NFRC performance. Delivery was straightforward and easy. No negative things to say, everything went smoothly.
    Tim Kellenberger
    Tim Kellenberger
    We are in the process of building a new home in Illinois.I did much research and compared Enerlux with the major window MFG and these fiberglass won me over. Enerlux was great to work with and lead times were awesome. Our windows are now installed and look and operate amazing. I would recommend all builders to take a look at Enerlux.
    Allan Laucke
    Allan Laucke
    My bathroom addition needed to appropriately colored windows to match the shower tile. I called Andersen and Marvin and many others - no one could provide what I needed. Internet search turned up Enerlux. Service is beyond fabulous, very reasonable price. Windows arrived securely packaged - I am thrilled and highly highly recommend them. Fabulous company with fabulous product and service.
    John Weygandt
    John Weygandt
    Buying windows direct from the manufacturer requires finding someone to work with who will make recommendations and look after all the details for specifying the windows. Zach Birkel is that man. The Enerlux triple pane windows I had installed exceeded expectations in insulation and sound proofing.
    Sandy Brickner
    Sandy Brickner
    We had a house fire in June 2022 and had Enerlux windows and sliding glass doors. We loved our windows so much we asked to have them replaced with the same Enerlux windows. The windows are easy to open and clean and look amazing. Quality of the windows is so much better than other windows we've seen or had in past homes. These windows keep the sound out and your air conditioning and heat in!! Would highly recommend getting Enerlux windows!! Zach has been a pleasure to work with as well in getting our replacement windows.
    Tyson Quinn
    Tyson Quinn
    Highly recommend was unsure at first and a contractor recommended Pella but after research it seemed apparent the better product was Enerlux. I decided to go with Enerlux for lead time but am happy I did for several reasons. Energy efficiency. Fit and finish is great very well built! Great products overall

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