EnerLux offers grilles that are located between the glass and simulated divided lites. Grilles between the glass help create a traditional design while being cost-effective and easy to maintain. For a premium and historical look, we offer simulated divided lites. Our 3/4″ fiberglass SDLs are applied with a double sided 3M tape. With contoured grilles located on both sides of the insulated glass unit, our SDLs provide a truly authentic look.

small gbg grilles.fw

Grilles Between Glass

small sdl grilles.fw

Simulated Divided Lites

We are able to offer any grille layout you can imagine. Below are our standard grille patterns. The number of grilles in certain patterns depends upon the size of the window.



Small Half Colonial.fw

Half Colonial

Small Queen Anne.fw

Queen Anne

Small Plaza.fw


Small Modern Colonial.fw

Modern Colonial

Small Cottage.fw



small equal.fw


small traditional.fw


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    • "After extensive research, EnerLux was the only company I found that provided a passive solar window with a good U value at a fair price."

      Leslie Z. (Hastings, NE)


    • "I am extremely impressed by Enerlux's high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their integrity has shown through in all aspects of our work together. I will definitely be contacting them again when I replace the rest of my windows."

      Marcia B. (Omaha, NE)

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    • "The windows look great and they operate so much easier than my old ones."

      Jean E. (Clarinda, IA)

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    • "Just an update to tell you that the other day my wife said whatever I paid for the shower window, it was well worth it.  Thanks again."

      Bruce H. (Glen Ellen, CA)

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    • "If you ever need someone to represent EnerLux Windows & Doors on the East coast, just let me know.  You provide some of the best quality product I have ever seen."

      Mark C. (Erlanger, KY)

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